About us

Company Background

Stephenson and Associates is an international consulting company specializing in information and data management. The company was originally established in December 1995 and is now located in Switzerland.

The company has built up a world-wide reputation as experts in the information and data management field and is currently working in various industry sectors.

Stephenson and Associates has the kind of commitment and expertise that companies require but have difficulty finding elsewhere. Even much larger organizations have not provided the level or quality of support required, so clients have called on us.

The company has been specifically set up to work globally. Consultants are located in different parts of the world and brought together to form teams for specific projects. All team members remain in constant contact.

We also maintain very good relations with independent consultants who meet our expectations and provide the level of support we pride ourselves in. These are people we normally call on when required on a project basis.


Our Team are highly experienced. All of our senior consultants have over twenty-five years of experience. Our oil industry consultants have extensive first hand experience in the set up of both national and international oil industry data repositories. Other Associates are available on a project basis.

Jean-Patrick Girbig
Geodetic Expert; GIS Software Specialist; Spatial Data Management

English, French, German

Michael Hardman
DBA; Information Management; Geoscience Application Support; Digitisation


Niall Mc Phillips
Rapid Application Development; Web Development; Oracle Development; Oracle DBA; Training

English, French, Spanish

Jean-Philippe Oguey
Information Management;
Web Development;
Oracle Development

English, French

Helen Stephenson
Management Strategy; Business Analysis; Information Management; Project Management; Training

English, French

Susan Tyrrell
Information Management;

English, French

Addax Petroleum
BHPBilliton Petroleum
Common Data Access (CDA)
DGH Gabon
Eli Lilly
IHS Energy
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
International Labour Organization (ILO)
International Trade Centre (ITC)
International Social Services Association (ISSA)
Malta Resource Authority (MRA)
Marathon Oil
Nimir Petroleum
Norsk Hydro
Orange Communications
Premier Oil
QC Data
Saga Petroleum
Trivadis AG
United Nations (UN)
World Health Organisation (WHO)


Voted NATLEX, a database of national labour and social legislation developed by S+A and maintained by the UN's International Labour Office, "Cool labor site for the week."

Mobil Oil

"...Thanks for everything. You and your staff have been very nice to work with and everyone is so professional in every sense of the word..."


"..SApphire - another gem from Stephenson and Associates..."

Eli Lilly

"...This is the second time we have asked S+A to help us with Data Warehouse report development. It is amazing what one can do with 10 yrs. experience in Oracle and 100% of one's time..."

BHP Petroleum

"...I've really enjoyed the time we worked together and have learnt a lot from you - your constant enthusiasm in the face of adversity has been an inspiration..."

"...I looked at the demo version of SApphire (Finder) and was most impressed with what I saw. An easy to use 'point & click' data program. I believe that ... this simple package could do more for capturing data and making it part of our work culture - than any other package that I've recently seen..."

Marathon Oil

"...SApphire has had the best reception of any of our recently introduced database retrieval applications and we have a large and well-satisfied user group. Keep up the good work!"