Stephenson + Associates
Information and Data Management

Project Management

We have a great deal of experience in the conception, implementation and management of a wide variety of data and information management projects. These include:

  • migration and transformation from existing digital and non-digital data;
  • management of large software development projects;
  • auditing of data management projects;
  • implementation of document management systems;
  • elaboration of I.T. Strategies

Information + Data Management

Aware that rapid access to quality information is vital for hydrocarbon exploration and production companies and for countries seeking to effectively promote their exploration acreage, our team with its extensive experience in both information systems and the oil industry has designed and developed powerful data management tools.

Using our range of information management services and tools, companies, organisations and countries easily collect, secure, manage and access their information.

S+A Solutions

Our solutions are adapted to meet the needs of our clients. All our software is language independent. As we are not linked to any particular software vendor we can select the software packages that best meet the needs of our clients from multiple vendors to provide a complete solution.
Open source software is integrated into our solutions to allow clients to benefit from regular enhancements provided by the energetic open source communities and minimise software license costs.

Data Management Training

We provide data management training courses tailored to the needs of our clients in terms of topics covered, content, duration and location. Courses can be held on-site at your offices or off-site in many major cities worldwide.
Our training focuses on end-user independence enabling clients to continue adding to and improving their data assets.

National Data Repositories

We are part of the National Data Repository work group in the Energistics Regulatory Special Interest Group and are on the steering committee for the “National Data Repository (NDR)” meetings. We have been involved in several national petroleum E&P data base and data management projects including:

  • Energy Department, Prime Minister’s Office (EDPMO) – Brunei Darussalam
  • Malta Resources Authority (MRA), Malta
  • Association des Producteurs de Pétrole Africains (APPA) – Brazzaville, Congo
  • Ministry of Mines, DGH – Gabon
  • Petronas – Malaysia
  • Common Data Access (CDA) – United Kingdom
  • Schlumberger /PDVSA – Venezuela


Born out of extensive oil industry experience, and tailored to the needs of individual clients, PSApphire provides scalable, easy to use, inexpensive and effective solutions for countries with oil & gas potential as well as new and established players seeking modern data management tools.

PSApphire - a unique PC and Intranet based tool – which covers the full spectrum of upstream activities, increases effectiveness and productivity by reducing the time taken to find data and accomplish tasks. It uses a state of the art, web-based, geographic information system to provide instant access to data both in the office and from other locations.